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Monday, November 24, 2008

Stone of the Week: Fluorite

Fluorite is a calcium flouride crystal with a hardness of 4.It can be found in a wide range of colors including colorless, pink, green, purple,white, yellow and black.Fluorite has been found in Germany, England, China, Argentina and the USA. It can act as a psychic vaccuum cleaner, clearing the atmosphere of negative energy, cluttered thoughts, and any sort of astral hangers causing mischief in ones environment.It is balancing to the third eye chakra and to mental energies in general.Keywords: Mental Enhancement and Clarity, improved decision making, clearing the energy fields.Element: WindChakras: All (some flourites are keyed to specific chakras.)for more in-depth description, seeThe Book of StonesRobert Simmons and Naisha AhsianCopyright 2005Heaven and Earth Publishing

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Prayer Beads

Prayer beads have been used for centuries to keep track of repetitions of prayers, mantras, devotions used by most religions throughout history. Since beads can be fingered in an automatic manner, it allows one to keep track of their prayers without putting much thought into, allowing one the ability to concentrate more on the prayer itself.In Buddhism, japa malas traditionaly consist of 108 beads or a divisor of that number. 27 are used in a wrist mala.In Tibetan Buddhism one mala counts as 100 mantras, and the 8 extra are meant to be dedicated to all sentient beings (the practice as a whole is dedicated at its end as well).In Christianity, knotted ropes were traditionally used to count prayers, usually the Jesus Prayer.The Roman Catholics used the rosary, in Islam, the Misbaha.Non-demoninational pulls frm many different faiths. It allows one to practice their meditation and prayers, using different symbols that mean something to them.In this 108 bead mala I made, I used turquoise, which is a good stone used for wholeness,communication and spiritual expression, I also used smokey quartz which is used for grounding, getting rid of negative energy,practicality, organization, and manifestation of ones dreams and inspirations.I used agate which is good for vitality, sexuality, creativity and will. My guru bead is a lotus flower. The lotus represents purity and enlightenment, or the awakening of spirituality.It forms in the murkiest of waters, and as it rises toward the sun and emerges from the water, not one drop of mud is on the flower, it is pure.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stone of the Week

Carnelian- an orange colored variey of chalcedony, a member of the quartz family. It has a hardness of 7 on the mohs scale.Its name is derived from the resemblace in color to the kornel type of cherry.The finest carnelians are found in India, although most on the market come from Brazil ans Uraguay.
In ancient times, it is believed that wearing carnelian would give one courage in battle and to help timid speakers to be both eloquent and bold..
Keyword- courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence and action
Element- Fire
Chakras- Root(1st), Sexual/Creative(2nd), Solar Plexus(3rd)
(The Book of Stones- Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian/Heavan and Earth Publishing Copyright 2005)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Solo Exhibition of Art: Tara Rawson

Revelations of Rishikesh
A new collection of paintings
by Tara Rawson inspired by
her travels to India.

Saturday, December 6th
Chai and Vegetarian hors o'deuvers
will be served

Bliss Yoga Shala
1615 Thacker Ave. Jacksonville,Fl 32207

Monday, November 10, 2008

Creating hammered copper earrings

i love the rich look of copper, i dont think copper is used nearly enough in jewelry. to create a pair of hammer copper earrings, i first draw my shape on a piece of paper then i cut out the shape to use as a stencil. i then get a sheet of20 guage copper, lay my stencil out and trace the stencil with a fine tip marker. i now get a pair of shears, cut out my shapes. i take my cut out shapes over to my anvil and then use my ball peen hammers and start hammering. i usually use 2 or 3 different size hammers for different size hammer marks. to add some different texture, take a piece of old window screen and lay that over your copper and hammer over it to transfer that pattern to your copper. next, use your jewelers files and start filing your edges to make it nice and smooth. now figure out where to put your holes to add the earhooks, use a punch and slightly hit your punch in the spot for your hole. if it does not make the hole for you, take your piece to your drill press and drill that hole.
now add any addtional bead you wish to add, then your earwire and wahla, you have a funky, beautiful pair of copper earrings.

hope you have fun!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Donations for a Great Cause

ABOUT: The Sanctuary on 8th Street provides a safe environement for kids living in the inner city. They strive to offer activities that enrich, enhance, and expand their understanding of the world. They believe that through experential learning the kids are able to realize opportunities and break down barriers that held them back.

WHAT: This is a great cause and I am looking for donations of beads or beading tools you may not use anymore to give to the Santuary. There is a list below of other items they are in need of. Christmas is also around the corner so toys or even target gift cards would be appreciated. I know these are hard times for everyone right now but any little thing would help.

Bring your donation to Bead Here Now @ 1051 Park St Jax Fl. and recieve 10% off of your next purchase or take it directly to the Sanctuary on 8th's location @ 120 E. 8th St Jax Fl 32206

~ Wish List for the Santuary ~
office supplies…..paper products…party givers
mentors… tools …..used furniture
computer software…..homework helpers…markers
cooks….toys…play dough…Xbox games…toothbrushes
garage sale items…push pins…Atkins milk shakes
skates….healthy snacks…game leaders…index cards
handyman…kitty litter…..shampoo…jump ropes
basketballs ….gardener…kites…photo paper…toothpaste
dry kitty & dog food…office volunteer….notebook paper
plants & seeds……money…deodorant….lotion
kitchen supplies…..pencils….craft supplies…pens…socks
colored markers.…composition books….AA batteries
Eagle Scout projects…community service workers
footballs…potter's clay…..devotional leaders
grandparents.…used bikes. ….puzzles…index cards
arts & crafts helper…..postage stamps…..alarm clocks
scotch tape….play clothes…youth groups….erasers
dress-up jewelry…books….calculators…composition books
copy paper…used clothing….picnic tables

Thank You!