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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

38.5 weeks pregnant and counting

I cant believe i am already at almost 39 weeks of pregnancy. it has been a whirlwind of emotions from disbelief, you know, the first few months when your not showing yet and you think, wow, is there really a little person growing inside of me. Next gratitude and excitement. I have waited for this my whole life, and i have finally met the person that i couldnt be happier to be having a child with.
My first trimester i can remember being quite tired ALOT, napping alot and definantly not doing my regular yoga practice. At least i wasnt having morning sickness, but i was getting some headaches. Usually on my days off, it would lay me up for a whole day.
In my second trimester i started to get some energy back and was able to start practicing yoga again, more gentle than before but at least i was practicing, and the headaches subsided. At 18 weeks is when we got to see the sonogram and listen to the beautiful heart beat of what we will find out is a baby girl. This is what made it all more real to me. Shortly after is when i began feeling the little flutters of the baby growing inside of me, the most amazing feeling ever. I love it, i love feeling her moving around. What will we name her, Stella, thats it, Stella Morgan, i love it, strong, classic, she can only be something amazing with a name like that, and it translates to Star Bright, the brightest star in the universe she will shine!
Now at almost 39 weeks, we've got the house pretty much ready for a home birth/water birth, Stellas room looks amazing, but i am finding myself to be a little sad today, anxious, ready to meet this bundle of joy but also sad that i wont have her growing inside of me anymore, sad because i am feeling a little disconnected from people/friends, sad because i am having to leave my business for a month in the hands of someone else (which dont get me wrong, i know it will be in good hands, but i am used to being here five days a weeks, then some, running classes and whatnot). Is is normal to be a little sad at this point in pregnancy. I think it is a full moon this week which will also explain my emotions.
I have enjoyed every moment of pregnancy, even the aches and pains, and look forward to meeting this beautiful little girl. Soon Stella, soon you will be home and we love you!