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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Post Pregnancy

well, i believe the last time i wrote i was 28 weeks pregnant. Stella is now 14 weeks old and she is awesome. I never thought motherhhood was going to be so wonderful. We had a home birth with a wonderful midwife. I really had the dream team of goddesses here with me. My midwife Hope, her assistant Tonya, my business partner, friend and doula Maria, friend and photagrapher Catina Jane, dear dear friend Danielle and of course my love, Robert. I couldnt imagine having a child any other way but in the comfort of my home, allowing my body to do what it was meant to do, give life! I had a 20+ hour labor. I used a birthing tub for pain management, which I highly recomend, and eventually gave birth on my bed. After giving birth, i had so much energy from doing a natural birth, and the fact that i didnt have meds, Stella was so alert when she came out out it made our bonding experiance simply amazing.
Stella is a hardy little soul, hasnt been sick yet, except for the beginning of teething. I just love looking at her and kissing her sweet little feet!
The transition from non -motherhood to motherhood has been pretty easy, we just eased her right into our lives. I just have extra things to pack and it takes me alittle longer to get ready. Not quite as prompt as I once was, well im on time, just not early like I was. anyway, i couldnt be happier! i love this little girl so much, i never thought i could love someone or something this much!