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Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween From Gypsy Peacock Jewelry. (photo courtesy of Chrstina Lemarr of Speckled Feather Boutique)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chakras and their Healing Stones Part 1

Over the next few weeks I wll be going over the different healing stones for all of the chakras. The next week will be dedicated to the 1st Chakra also known as Root Chakra, muladahra chakra, or base chakra. I am no expert by any means, this is to help me as much as t is to share with you.
Our root chakra deals with our survival mode. It deals with our personal right to "be here now" and to feel as if we belong on this earth. This chakra grounds us, keeps us connected to the earth. Deals with family, money and it helps us in our everyday survival. Its color is red and is symbolized by the 4 petaled lotus. Its element is earth. Some signs that your root chakra is out of bance may include~ Restlessness Lack of energy Loss of interest in the real world or practical survival Volatile emotions Obsession with one thing Selfishness Mantra~ LAM key words~grounded, material existance, survival, stabilty, security, physical health, prosperity, trust and sexual instnct. the root chakra controls the adrenal glands and the endocrine system.. Our first stone of the Root Chakra is Red Jasper~ RED JASPER~ KEYWORDS~ physical strength & vitality, stabilization of ones energies. Element ~earth chakras ~ root (1st), sexual/creative (2nd) ~enhances ones endurance and stamina. ~increases chi or life force ~strengthens our connection to the earth ~enhances memory, stabilzes our energy ~keeps one honest and moral ~uplifts sexual and creative energy ~~used to counter issues of impotence or lack of sexual interest ~helps bring ones creative ideas to light. Over the next week we will go over more of the first chakra stones so stay tuned.
You can find these red jasper beads at our bead shop Bead Here Now 1051 Park St 5 Points Jax Fl 32204. Smokey Quartz
Smokey quartz is another root chakra stone. It is a light to chocolate brown in color. It is a silicon dioxide mineral with a hexagonal crystal system. smokey quartz is a wonderful stone for releasing negative energies. May help one with organizational skills and help the user manifest ther dreams and inspirations. It is a good stone to assist the spiritual being into feeling positively engaged with the physical life. Smokey Quartz has a way of drawing the ethereal ~ one who wears the stones or keeps it around for protection may encounter ghosts, UFO's, fairies and spirit guides. ~smokey quartz is an overall protective and grounding stone. Andalucite
Also known as cross stone~ 1st (root) and 6th (third eye) chakra ~a good cleansing stone, andalucite is comforting, protective and friendly. ~is a said to act as a strengthener of ones constitution and provides replenishment of the emotion body and physic protection. ~provides connection of the divine realms, protection of ones energy field.
Garnet~ Rhodolite Garnet~ is said to be a good emotional healer, giving one wearing it a better sense of self worth and helps one to walking the spiritual path. It corresponds to the root (1st)chakra, heart (4th) and crown (7th). Activates ones inner guides and gaurdian angels. It is a variety of pyrope garnet, a magnesium alluminum silicate with a hardness of 7-7.5. Also known as rose stone. Other 1st chakra stones may include, red coral, bloodstone, and ruby.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Feature Etsy Artisan ~TRaewyns

Jewelry for the spirited, bohemian and earthy woman. Hand created by Australian Artist Tina Raewyn using earthen clay, crystals, beads, mixed metal, gemstones, glass & silver. I just loved looking through Tinas Gallery. She has a very earthy, tribaly, aboriginal,boho feel all mixed into one. With earth spirits of pixies, nymphs, elves and elders, Tinas mini wearable sculptures are true works of art.
You can find TRaewyn @ and her blog @

Friday, October 12, 2012

Blissed and Blessed~

I feel so blessed to have the oppurtunity to have a studio I can be productive in. To have the tools I need (not all), to create beautful things. It has been years of collecting tools of my own, and the fact that I married a blacksmith doesnt hurt either. I feel so blessed to be able to spend 2 full days a week with my girl creating, learning, growing and bonding! I feel so blessed to be able to share my knowledge with others, teaching classes in my studio, and learning from my students. I feel so blessed to have a husband and family who supports my creative endeavors. I feel so blessed that we live in a world, in a country, in a state and in a city of amazingly creative souls. Our world is what we make of it. We are responsble for our own happiness.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spirit Goddess and Spirit Sisters

After my last weeks post about unproductive studio days,  I went into the studio today with my favorite and only studio mate, Christina Lemarr of Speckled Feather Boutique, and the creative juices were once again a  flowing. I find I work better when  I have someone to chat with. Dont get me wrong, we dont just talk non stop and not get work done,we talk just enough to make it fun yet we are both able to get into our zone.
SO anyway, here is my creation of the day!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Feature Etsy Artist~ Imagine Studo

Featuring Fine Art Giclees Prints from Digital Collages

this is a wonderful digital collage artist I found on etsy. I just LoVe these beautful, colorful giclees. Be sure to go check out her etsy shop.

Friday, October 5, 2012

For the Love of it All

In March of 2011 after having been hooping for maybe a year, if that, I decided to bring one of my favorite hoopers here to Jacksonville to teach a 3 days workshop. Her name is Caroleena. For 3 days we immersed ourselves in that wonderful plastic circular tube.
     I thought while she was here, that would be a good time to plan something big, a jam of sorts, hooping and drumming and dancing and whatever positive energy one would like to bring. I contacted local drumming facilitator Steve Alvarado and together we put together "Rhythm and Flow." I didnt expect it to be a big thing, but that first night, which also happened to be the super moon, we had about 100 people showup, including drummers, spinners and spectators. It was an amazing night. It has now been over a year and its still going strong. While I am still hooping I have also begun to immerse myself in the drumming aspect of R&F. Anyone who knows me knows that when I decide to do something, i fully immerse myself. Ive even been known to act without thinking!
     These wonderful pieces of my life are my form of meditation, they just make you feel good, makes one feel pure bliss.
   So tonite I am headed to one of my classes with St Augustine Beach drummer, Amber Hall. She teaches Friday nights at Midnight Sun from 7-8pm.
   Hope you too have a love for it all.

                                                  This image courtesy of Christina Lemarr

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Alchemy is not always Immediate

      There are those days, weeks or even months where nothing can stop me, the juices are flowing, the wire is weaving a web of beauty, the torch is moving atoms of my metal and something amazing will shortly emerge, (in my eyes anyway) and the hammers are making beautiful textures.
    THEN, there are those days, weeks, months that you just cant seem to create a worthwhile piece of art if your life depends on it, AND THATS OK!
    I will take this time to work on the customs Ive been putting off, or work on my websight/etsy/blog that I have been neglecting, or pick up my hoop, yes, hula hoop, thats been sitting in the corner missing me. I will take this time to reconnect with my family and  friends that I  havent seen in a second, and maybe next week when my Tuesday and Thursday studio days happen, those juices will once again be flowing.
    Until then,  I will be over here being creative in other ways.
From the mouth of my frend Brandon, "Alchemy is not always immediate"
~much love


Monday, October 1, 2012


Its been a life time since I picked up my first bead, I can rememeber being a little girl and stringing up little plastic beads, or adding sead beads to safety pins. I can remember stringing beads onto fishing wire and using fishing lewers for the closures. Coming into my teenage years, I started doing some hemp work, and learning some different seed bead techniques.
      Alot has changed over the years. After myself and my partner opened our shop, Bead Here Now, back in March of 2007, new doors opened up and all new learning experiances began.
     I have learned alot, and alot I have learned from customers. They often bring in  random broken jewelry, things I wasnt familiar with, but I was determined I'd to figure out how we could fix it. Some Ive learned from teaching my student, "they do say teach what you want to learn."
    My main focus at this point in my jewelry world is wire work, foldform copper jewelry and traditional metal work. I am mostly self taught. I have taken a few silversmithing classes but as far as wire and foldforming I have taught myself.
     When I first began wire work, I put it down for almost a year, I just wasnt any good at it. Finally after a year, I picked up my pliers and wire and started messing around again.
      Shortly after, a young couple came into my shop and wanted me to wire 5  different stones into one pendant. I wasnt very comfortable with it but they insisted I was the girl to do it, so wrap it I did and they loved it. They ended up bringing me stones periodically to wrap for them. Ever since then, I have primarily been working with wire. I am now working on a series I call "The Hybrid Series", which incorporated wire work with traditional metal work. I am grateful that I am able to work in my studio 2 full 6-8 hour days a week.
     Sometimes you have to walk away from certain things and let it marinate for a while, then when you return ready and determined, wonderful things begin to blossom.
    To view my work go to