Gypsy Peacock Jewelry

About Me

Copper, Silver, Natural Stones, EarthTones, these are the gifts of mother nature which helps me to forge the creativity which resides within my soul. I am inspired by nature, many cultures and traditions as well as the organic and fluid lines of the art nouveau era. I enjoy creating jewelry from a raw piece of copper which I fold form into a cuff bracelet or funky bowl, to an intricately handwoven wire wrapped pendant to that simple yet elegant and versatile necklace you can wear with that perfect little black dress or with a pair of jeans. I am currently predominantly working in wire and metal which I am loving. There is a sense of freedom, strength, and the nurturing of my soul after I have finished that perfect piece. Artist expression and progression are both stimulating and rewarding. I love to share this with the men and women who purchase my pieces as well as the students that I teach.
    I am a mama to a beautiful 3 year old name Stella,and a wife to a wonderful man, my best friend and fellow artist,Robert.
    I love vintage, india and morrocan motifs, hoop dancing,gemstones minerals and crystals, I am a reki practitioner (mostly on my pets and lil girl, but am certified reiki master), drumming, morning coffee talk with my girls. I am Bead shop co-owner, Bead Here Now. I have always battled depression and low self esteem. My hooping, yoga (which I havent been able to do alot since having my lil one), and a life of creatvity has helped me to overcome my depression. I am just tryng to live my life doing the things that I love and encouraging others to do the same.

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